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$67 Online Program

Whether your goal is to lose a bit of unwanted fat, build muscle, tone up, or even get up on stage in a fitness or body shaping competition– this is the program for you. In 2014, The Olympia Program helped people to lose hundreds of kilos of unwanted body fat and was the key ingredient that bought home 38 top 5 places for the Olympia Pro Team across Australia and the USA in bikini, fitness and bodybuilding competitions. Everyone is different, and there is no such thing as a one size fits all transformation program, and that is why the Olympia Program is gender and body weight specific. This is one of the major reasons why the program is so unique and why our transformations have been so outstanding.


Nutrition that is specific to your gender and body weight:

  • What to eat, when to eat and how much to eat
  • Specific food measurements, not just guidelines
  • Delicious recipes (not a boring chicken and broccoli style program)
  • Dairy and gluten free alternatives included


Training that is specific to your lifestyle and goals:

  • 20 Minute workouts designed to help you burn fat and tone up fast
  • The workouts can be done at home or in a park
  • No equipment required
  • The workouts are designed to fit into any lifestyle and any level of fitness


Success Planning and goal setting to make sure you achieve your transformation:

  • How to set clear goals and keep yourself accountable to achieving them
  • How to measure, record and track your body measurements and body weight

Achieving your transformation IS possible! Check out the success stories below from some of our Olympia family who have followed The Olympia Program to achieve these amazing results!

  • Annisa Belonogoff

    Annisa Belonogoff lost 14% body fat and gained 4kg of muscle by following the Olympia Program!

  • Mat Miller

    Mat Miller used the Olympia Program to lose in excess of 50kg

  • Giorgia Piscina

    Giorgia Piscina followed the Olympia Program and won first place AND got her pro card in her first ever competition at the WBFF Australia Spectacular

  • Reece Knight

    These two pics were taken 4 months apart. I went from 17.5% body fat to 10% on a Dexa Scan – and they don’t lie! I lost over 10kg of body fat and put on 1 kilo of lean muscle!

  • Kayla Hall

    I am so proud of the person that I have become not only physically, but mentally as well- and I know it’s only going to get better from here!

  • Clint Bellamy

    I have seen my body competition change dramatically over the year with a drop of 10kg of body fat and an increase of 7.5kg lean mass with Dexa Scans to prove it! Not only on the physical front, but my mental development and my understanding of my own body has been life changing.

  • Kate Lunn

    If someone had told me 2 years ago what I have achieved to date, I would never have believed them. And best of all I wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world!

  • Phoebe Cooper Jackson

    Phoebe Cooper Jackson

    Winning 1st place in the bikini division at the INBA Qld State Titles was the most amazing, indescribable, surreal feeling I have ever felt!

  • Michelle Peters

    I love the Olympia Program because of the food! It is amazing realizing what you can eat and then finding ways to make the food fun. The Olympia program doesn’t just tell you to eat lean meat and salad / vegetables, but it actually gives you ideas about how to spice up your food.

  • Phoebe Cooper Jackson

    Shenae Healey

    I have these awesome muscles that grow bigger and stronger everyday, I have a love and appreciation for my body and what it is capable of and I have gained more confidence and a positive attitude towards everything in life!

  • Phoebe Cooper Jackson

    Talia Righetti

    Getting up on stage is something I never would have dreamt about doing, let alone having the confidence to do it!

  • Phoebe Cooper Jackson

    Brooke Maddock

    Since being a part of the Olympia family I have lost 8% in total in am still leaning down!

  • Phoebe Cooper Jackson

    Sophie Bethell

    I have always enjoyed the food, not once have I had to force myself to eat something because I was sick of the taste or really restrain from letting go because the day to day meal plan is so satisfying. I have also been shown a variety of healthy options for eating out or making fun food at home.


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