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Personal Training


Whether your goal is to lose weight and tone up, complete a 10km fun run, or to step on stage in a fitness or body building competition, your Olympia Trainer will help you get there. Michael Jordan, the Williams sisters, Christiano Ronaldo, Andreia Brazier and Muhamad Ali… What do these sports people all have in common? All of these athletes and every great sports person has a coach- Someone who will push you to do more than you are capable of doing on your own, refines your skill and technique, keeps you accountable to your goals, and most importantly shares a common vision with you which is to see you ignite your untapped potential.

How can having an Olympia Trainer help you achieve your goals FASTER?

Your Olympia Trainer will:

  • Assist you in goal setting with specific time frames in which to achieve them
  • Keep you accountable by taking regular girth measurements, skin folds and fitness testing, to be sure you are on track to achieving your goals
  • Answer any questions you may have regarding nutrition and training
  • Help you to complete additional repetitions that you would never be able to achieve on your own
  • Ensure you feel safe and confident in every repetition by being there to support you
  • Keep track of your progress by providing spreadsheets, graphs and statistics regularly or as often as you’d like to see them
  • Will provide you with goal specific exercise programming for you to complete both in and outside of your personal training sessions
  • Motivate you and ensure you are pumped up and focused for every session
  • Support you in your training, as well as through any other challenges life may throw at you

Sometimes you need someone else to believe in you, before you can believe in yourself. If you’d like more information on how an Olympia Trainer can help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals, enquire here.

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