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Success Stories

Mez-Lu-1Mez Lu

Age 23, I chose to train at Olympia because it’s the first gym where I have ever felt like I could actually make a difference with my health and fitness. It’s the only gym that I have come across where everyone there is actually there to support you and your goals. Because of that I feel like I can do just about anything as it has set me on a lifestyle path where I can never look back and will continually grow, physically, mentally and emotionally!
Since day one, everyone at the Olympia team has been like family; people are there to support you and your goals 100% of the way. The Olympia team are there to make a positive difference in your life and raise you up onto your pedestal and that’s exactly what it ... ’ *Read More

Jess-Ham-2Jess Ham

Age 25, I chose to train at Olympia because the trainers there always seemed so passionate about their job and were always friendly and approachable. Plus, a small conversation in the store where I work with Cleo about the competitions Olympia competes in intrigued me and made me see it as more than just any old gym, there was a greater goal in mind than just signing people up, which I think is kind of cool and inspiring.
The atmosphere is just always 'up' at Olympia. People greet each other and smile (which can be daunting at first, but when you get used to it it's awesome). Plus, I'm really thrilled to have Iona as a personal trainer, because I feel her approach to training is holistic and easy to follow, but ... ’ *Read More

Shannon-Louise-3Shannon Louise

Age 27, After training at various other establishments during the course of my fitness journey, I have never ever found a gym that made me feel so comfortable from the moment I first ever walked through the door. The culture and the family at Olympia actually makes me want to train outside of my PT sessions. Training at Olympia is a whole new experience and one I hope many more people are exposed to!
From the moment I entered Olympia, I knew it was different. From all the trainers knowing your name, to the motto on the wall, being surrounded by “everyday people” all with the same passions, goals and striving for success, so many smiles, the fat burning cards… Olympia is not like anything I’ve ever exp ... ’ *Read More

Darian-Blaney-4Darian Blaney

Age 34, I've been a member of a few gyms in my time and spent a fair bit of time training on my own. I'd reached the point where knew I needed more support to reach my goals. My fiance (now wife) had been training at Olympia for 2-3 months and had experienced amazing success. After one session with Jake I knew I was in the right place, and I haven't looked back since.
Olympia really is a family. There is a tremendous amount of focus placed on building a true community amongst the trainers and members, and it shows. When you walk into Olympia you won't meet anyone, be they trainers or the other members, who isn't ready to say hello and give you their full support in reaching your goals.
The top 3 thi ... ’ *Read More

Chelsea-Bona-5Chelsea Bona

It is so difficult to explain the feeling that being a part of the Olympia has given me... It's completely unique to anything I have ever known. It's a place where like minded people get together to help and support each other to succeed at their dreams and I honestly never thought I would say that about a group of people other than my own family.
When I turned 25 I battled with the dark side of the quarter life crisis where I felt I hadn't achieved everything I had planned to yet and I was starting to feel like my life was heading to an end. I compared myself to others and was over critical of myself in everything. By doing this I forgot how much I had already achieved.
When I saw a friend of a friend's involvement w ... ’ *Read More

Daniel-Popple-6Daniel Popple

Age 24, I was looking for a new gym after leaving my university gym upon graduating and Olympia was recommended to me by a friend who had recently joined and was loving it. After speaking to Luke (a trainer at Olympia) and going in for my session I knew Olympia was the place for me. My first session absolutely destroyed me and I couldn’t wait to get back and do it all over again. Everyone at Olympia is incredibly friendly and dedicated to achieving their fitness goals. It was this friendly and motivational environment which made me decide to join and I’ve been at Olympia almost every day ever since.
The thing that makes Olympia different is the people. The environment at Olympia is completely different to ... ’ *Read More

Stuart-Simpson-7Stuart Simpson

Age 21, I was hooked on the positivity and energy of the gym after my first session!
Olympia had a feeling of family like no other gym. You walk in and everyone wants you to be there and have fun while you work out!
The top things I love about Olympia: The encouragement everyone gives each other. The support from the personal trainers and how they make Olympia like a second home. The fantastic fat burning cards!
Mentally since joining, I feel on top of the world. I'm organised and I love it. Physically I feel stronger every week. And every week so far I've made new PB's!
Highlight of my time at Olympia so far: At the end of my second week at Olympia, after my first group fat burning ... ’ *Read More

Adam-Mann-8Adam Mann

Age 28, A friend highly recommended joining Olympia, as she had noticed that I had put on some weight recently, and would benefit from a supportive, friendly and family like atmosphere at a gym as opposed to being just a number or faceless member.
As clichéd as it sounds, Olympia is very much like a family. Everyone is genuinely there to support, encourage and help you reach your goals, and to see you succeed. And knowing that there are “people who genuinely care and are there to help and support you makes a huge difference.
Everyone at Olympia is completely genuine, and wants to see you succeed. The trainers are invested in seeing you do well, and achieve your goals, and it is very much like ... ’ *Read More

Giorgia PiscinaGiorgia Piscina
From first timer to pro bikini champion in under 6 months!

We started training together in December, and between then and now Giorgia not only WON her very first competition, she also earned her Pro card in the WBFF and placed 4th in the world in her WBFF Worlds debut in Las Vegas this past August. What an incredibly successful year it has been together - I am proud of you beyond words Giorgia! Here’s what Giorgia has to say:
I need to say a huge thank you to my beautiful coach Cleo Brown. This girl has made such an impact on my life...She has provided me with all the tools I've needed to compete and be competitive! She has taught me so much and helped transform me into the strong, confident and self assured person I am today. ... ’ *Read More

Carla Van Den HoornCarla Van Den Hoorn

I had been wanting to get fit for quite some time, but never really knew where to go or who to approach. Then I noticed that my ex-colleague & friend Emma McNulty was a personal trainer, so I got up the courage to ask for a consultation and we had a chat at Olympia after work one night and a PT session and then I took the jump. A year or so later, I'm so glad I continued with training at Olympia!
What I love most about Olympia is that they're a great team and it is such a fun, safe, non-judgmental and inclusive environment - I never feel out of place…That's what I was looking for in a fitness establishment!
Last year my transformation was more mental; I have so much more confidence in myself, my abilities and just bod ... ’ *Read More

Reece Knight 4 monthsReece Knight
Before and after pics 4 months apart

Hey My name is Reece Knight and I am 27 years old and I joined the Olympia Pro Team after hitting a plateau in my training after going through some life changes and I am glad I did!
Joining the team has changed so many aspects of my life firstly my attitude towards life in general not just my training has had such a positive boost. My view of training and nutrition now has a more realistic outlook and I now know my goals are certainly achievable!
I had a thought for a long time to compete and when I told a lot of people they said "that sounds tough!" But beware when you say things like that around the Pro Team crew they make sure they happen! During my road to competing I went from 17 ... ’ *Read More

Kate LunnKate Lunn

I joined the Pro Team as it is a great way to enter the world of physique competitions - which on your own is a very daunting place. Every part of the process - from posing to tanning to bikinis - is covered by the Pro Team, so you never feel unsure of what you need to do.
What are the top 3 things you’ve enjoyed most about being part of the team?
It's a team - It means you have the support of 20+ other individuals with similar goals and values behind you. From tackling the Kangaroo Point stairs together, to cheering obnoxiously loud on stage for you, or even just busting out a Pro Team workout together the level of support is amazing.
The expertise - being trained by someone who has been there, done that and has t ... ’ *Read More

Michelle PetersMichelle Peters
From self destruction to self discovery and a champion attitude

Michelle Peters is one of the Pro Team competition veterans, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching Michelle grow into the strong, fearless, confident and directed woman I knew she was capable of being. The team would not be the same without you!
Why do you love the Olympia Program?
I love the Olympia Program because of the food! It is amazing realizing what you can eat and then finding ways to make the food fun. The Olympia program doesn’t just tell you to eat lean meat and salad / vegetables, but it actually gives you ideas about how to spice up your food. It’s not a quick fix diet (though it can still happen quick!), but the plan ... ’ *Read More

Peter PiscinaPeter Piscina
Journey from 56 years old, to 56 years young

7 months ago I commenced a journey that culminated with my attendance at the INBA body building national championships of Australia 2014, this past weekend. At that time I was unfit, over weight and lacking any personal drive and ambition. Training with my daughter Giorgia and joining the Pro Team all of those things very soon changed. With the infectious Cleo Brown, her partner Greg Evangelou and Clint Bellamy in my corner I decided to put every ounce of my strength and will power into turning back the sands of time and attempting to attain the physique I had once had in my past yet again.
Along the way I met so many wonderful people and made new friends and acquaintances that I am ... ’ *Read More

Phoebe Cooper JacksonPhoebe Cooper Jackson
No call out in first show to bikini champion in just 12 months!

Meet the gorgeous Phoebe Cooper-Jackson! Not only do Phoebe and I get to train together each week, she is also one of the superstar trainers on the Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary team!
Phoebe and I first met back in early 2013 at one of my posing seminars, and from then Phoebe has only gone from strength to strength (and so I’ve gone from proud to even more proud!)!
Here’s what Phoebe has to say:
Being one of the veteran’s from the amazing ‘Prep Like A Pro’ meetings back in early 2013 it was inevitable that I wanted to continue to be a part of such an amazing, supportive, inspiring, positive bunch of phenomenal human beings!
Th ... ’ *Read More

Alex MilesovicAlex Milesovic

One day I was sitting at home discussing with my partner that I wasn't getting any younger and that I needed to do something about getting fit. That evening coincidentally I had a conversation with Jake, a family friend and a PT at Olympia, next thing you know I'm on my way to a better me.
It's hard to think of only 3 things that I love about Olympia so I'll give you the Top 3.
1. To train with people who are at the top of their game, the right training techniques, the right science and the right attitude.
2. Having a place to go and release the stress of day to day life. Working with a team of the most positive energetic people I have ever met.
3. The thing I think that is most important is being reinvigorate ... ’ *Read More

Kayla HallKayla Hall
From shy and low in confidence, to standing on stage with pride!

I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone as soon as I started training at Olympia. My trainer Phoebe told me I should attend one of the Pro Team’s monthly meetings to get a feel as to what it was all about. At first I was scared and nervous as to what to expect on the day, but after that meeting I walked out of Olympia with the biggest smile on my face. Everyone on the team were so kind, caring and were so supportive of one another and I knew straight away that I unquestionably wanted to be a part of that.
One thing I loved about joining the Pro Team was the fact that as soon as I joined, I felt like I had been a part of the team for at least a year, and that ... ’ *Read More

Diana BallesterosDiana Ballesteros
Diana, Why did you choose to train at Olympia?

Due to getting involved in Archery I needed a personal trainer to help me become lean and strong to be able to cope with the long shoot sessions and to prepare myself for my very first National Indoor Competition. I was not looking for a regular trainer but someone committed to my goal and what I wanted to get out of it. I read Olympia was run by a world fitness champion and that gave me the confidence I would be training with one of the best in the business!!
What are the top 3 things you love most about being part of the Olympia family?
First one is that I'm surrounded by achievers and success-driven people that not only do they encourage me to give it all in every single ... ’ *Read More

Jamie MaioneJamie Maione

I chose to train at Olympia after I received a phone call from one of the Olympia trainers, Lisa.  In that first phone call, something really ‘clicked’.  I found Lisa’s personality, positivity and enthusiasm infectious and immediately thought to myself ‘why would I not do this!’
The top 3 things about being part of the Olympia family are respect, attitude and results!
My transformation has not only been the changes on the outside, which at the end of the day are superficial – but I’ve managed to lose over 4cm around my waistline, get my body fat percentage below 10% while maintaining the same overall weight. There is also the intangible benefits that have come with it – feeling good about myself, my self- ... ’ *Read More

Shenae HealeyShenae Healey
Abs of steel and a trophy in her first show!

After joining a gym when I moved to Melbourne I developed a love and passion for health, fitness and lifting weights! I started following fitness models on Instagram and developed this crazy dream to one day be one myself. I went to watch my first competition in April this year at the Melbourne Health and Fitness Expo and I saw everyday girls just like me up on the stage and I thought "Hey I can do this". Suddenly my dream wasn't just a crazy dream, it was now a goal that I was going to achieve. I researched online how to compete when I stumbled across Cleo and her fantastic team. A women who practiced what she preached and has numerous world titles under her belt, and I thought "Wow". In ... ’ *Read More

Sharon ChoiSharon Choi
Why did you choose to train at Olympia?

I saw photos on Facebook of someone that looked physically amazing and she gave credit to Cleo Brown. I admired the change in her body and her achievements, so I called Olympia to ask if they only trained bodies for competitions, or did they train non-competitors and regular people as well? I was asked to come in to have a chat, and have been there ever since
What are the top 3 things you love most about being part of the Olympia family?
1) Trainers are experts in the field, they know the body well, and what to do to achieve personal goals. The owner has actually successfully trained and competed herself, and can show that she has earned her life experience skills and expertise to ... ’ *Read More

Clint BellamyClint Bellamy
Olympia trainer from woah to wow!

Meet Pro Team member and great friend Clint Bellamy! Not only is Clint in the best shape of his life, he is now one of our legend trainers at Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary! Talk about changing your life!
Here’s what Clint has to say:
In January this year I started training with the inspiration that is Cleo Brown. Within weeks of starting together we set in place a goal to get on stage and compete in my first INBA competition. A goal that I have had for years but never had the vision and support to fulfill. 3 months later I stepped on stage in Melbourne in the best condition of my life and loved every second of it.
Since then I have gone on to compete in the Brisbane Clas ... ’ *Read More

Talia RighettiTalia Righetti
At 22 years of age, Talia has transformed beyond words

I was very keen on competing in the INBA State Titles in September and my best friend Sophie had been a part of the Pro Team for almost a year. I had seen her amazing transformation first hand and loved the idea of being a part of a team whilst training for your competition.
My 3 most favourite things about are the Pro Team would have be the support they give, how much of a team we really are and the knowledge everyone has to give you. From the very first time I walked into Olympia (and became a part of the Pro Team) I have never been surrounded by a group of people as welcoming and enthusiastic as the Olympia/Pro Team. When I walked out I knew instantly I made the right de ... ’ *Read More

DamoDamo Van Brunschott

I hit upon Olympia with great luck and no real planning. I was looking for a small personal gym close to work which would push me and keep me interested and engaged. I’m still here at Olympia, with Jake still putting up with me - almost 3 years later!
Despite my initial reservation, taking out time for my training, which in turn is time spent away from my business, has turned out to greatly improve my business. Why- because I manage stress better, and I have a much better ability to 'stand apart' and focus on the bigger strategic issues. I am now less caught up in the day to day bustle and chaos of running a business.
The 3 reasons I love and come to Olympia are - the people, the people the people!
I have become he ... ’ *Read More

Ash JensenAshleigh Jensen
Stronger and fitter both inside and out! Why did you join the Pro Team?

I competed in my first competition in Sept 2013. I did it alone still felt like I performed well for a first-timer however, I didn't have a supportive environment surrounding me. I saw Cleo and the Olympia Pro Team at this show and went straight home and googled 'Olympia' to find out who these people were that I had seen having such an awesome time together. A few weeks later I was part of the team (or should I say family?!).
What are the top 3 things you've enjoyed most about being part of the team?
The top three things I've enjoyed about being a part of the team would be having supportive mentors who walk the talk in their everyday lives, building ... ’ *Read More

Brooke MaddockBrooke Maddock
Down 8% body fat and still leaning down!

When asked to write a review/ reflection usually I jump on it and it takes me no time at all! ... This time round it's taken me a lot longer because where do you start when you really owe the world to one amazing individual, and now as well an entire team of incredible people!?
I started out 18 months ago at a "prep like a pro" meeting- I was lost, discouraged and unhappy. I knew Cleo prior to this day and sat there in awe of who she had become, having time to reflect on my drive home taking in everything she said, I decided I was all in and I was going to be a part of the Olympia Pro Team and compete in May 2013, (only 7 weeks until the comp) and lost 10.5kg (compared to the prior 7 mon ... ’ *Read More

Jess BrainJess Brain

I chose to train at Olympia after I watched the progress and journey that two friends who competed with Olympia went through. Not only did it look like a whole lot of fun, I also saw them strive towards achieving something and gaining self-confidence as they did so, which is what really motivated me to join the team and train at Olympia!
I absolutely love the positive atmosphere that the team has, it makes me look forward to coming in and training every week. I love how motivating the team is towards all members, I would never be afraid to ask for help if I needed it. And lastly, I love being around like-minded people who aren’t judgemental of others at all.
Since training at Olympia I’ve realised that I’m a lot tough ... ’ *Read More

Sophie Bethell 2Sophie bethell
Sophie and Talia- long time friends transform and compete together!

I did some research and firstly noticed how the Pro Team was a team – which is what appealed to me most. I had already known of a girl who was a part of the team and she didn’t seem to be eating crazy foods and had such a positive attitude towards training and diet. After speaking with Cleo on the phone I was set on joining them. My first ever visit to Olympia was so welcoming and all I had done was walk up the stairs!
The Pro Team are the most supportive and encouraging group of people I have ever come across, everyone is willing to give that extra hand to help out with any questions or support you might need during your comp prep or just all year round. I ... ’ *Read More

Destiny KynunaDestiny Kynuna

Meet the ever evolving and transforming Pro Team member, Destiny Kynuna! Destiny started on the team as a rather timid young lady, who has evolved into a confident, strong example, and an inspiration to the whole team.
Destiny’s competition career began in May 2013 and here is what she has achieved since then: INBA Brisbane Classic: First callout bikini INBA Qld State Titles: 4th Place bikini INBA Australian Nationals: 3rd Place bikini NPBB Cairns: 1st Place Bikini
Here’s what Destiny has to say:
I joined the pro team because I wanted to compete but just didn't know where to start and also wanted to be surrounded by people who have similar goals and passions.
The top 3 ... ’ *Read More

Lisa LaundessLisa Laundess

I wanted to train at Olympia because of two reasons:
1. Cleo and her trainers are passionate about you achieving your goal
2. Cleo and her trainers at Olympia clearly know their stuff, you can see this by talking to anyone that trains there or who have competed as part of her team.
I love that everyone is so friendly, helpful and welcoming. You feel at home as soon as you walk through that door! I also love that if you are having a bad day or you just feel like quitting, the team at Olympia have your back and push you to achieve your goal, and I also like the fact that everyone knows my name and takes the time to say hi- It makes me feel included and special!
I never thought that I could build muscle or that I ... ’ *Read More

PJ HealeyPJ Healey
Why did you choose to train at Olympia?

I wanted something different from a gym- not just a place to work out, but a place to relax, have fun and a great time!
The top 3 things I love most about being a part of the Olympia family are firstly the trainers- they are always so encouraging and helpful. I also love the results I get while having a joke around and laughing in every session.
Since training at Olympia, I feel fitter and stronger, but also happier – as well as more confident and relaxed.
My training highlight since training at Olympia would have to be setting a new personal best and Olympia record on bench press- That would have to be my training highlight this year! I’ve also enjoyed working on the re ... ’ *Read More

Annisa BelonogoffAnnisa Belonogoff
Why did you join the Pro Team?

Well... WHY NOT! The pro team isn't about "winning" (that's just a great added bonus!) it's about support, encouragement, developing your mind and body further and achieving goals. We support each other to make dreams, goals and goals reality! What are the top 3 things you’ve enjoyed most about being part of the team?
1. Support - we are a family, all are willing to help each other out. The meetings is a great way to get to know each other better as well as the forum and group workout sessions.
2. Positivity - we don't see each other as competitors. I don't believe any of us see each other as the "competition". A win for one is a win to all of us.
3. Development - we go beyond tra ... ’ *Read More

Courtney BarberaCourtney Barbera

The Pro Team was mentioned to me by a former bikini model champion, Nicola Williams, when I was looking to get involved in the fitness industry. After a not so pleasant year in 2013 where I spent some time in hospital with an unusual heart condition and told that I should give up my equestrian sport (a sport that I am so passionate about and have been doing since a very young girl) as it was too unsafe for me with my condition, it had left me pretty upset. After sometime wallowing in an unmotivated state which left me missing opportunities, producing poor results in my equestrian sport and feeling as though I was falling backwards within my life I began looking for a resolution! It was time to take a better direction and start to embark ... ’ *Read More

Grace JuliaGrace Julia

Why did I join the Pro Team? I was already training with the absolutely amazing Emma at Olympia, and I needed a goal to help keep me on track. Plus, I needed to surround myself with likeminded healthy people!
The top 3 things I've enjoyed about being a part of the team are:
1. The goal setting skills that I've learnt, which apply to all facets of life, not just fitness.
2. The support and positivity from all of the trainers and other team members.
3. The team meetings which are always inspiring and fun.
I am still transforming, both mentally and physically. In terms of my body, having a competition date in mind really helped me to keep my diet on track, and I look forward to continuing to get stronger a ... ’ *Read More

Gemma FraserGemma Fraser
Why did you choose to train at Olympia?

I was referred to Olympia through a friend who spoke highly of the gym, met my trainer and saw the gym and was more than impressed!
The top 3 things I love about training at Olympia is that everyone knows who you are & says hello, the environment is super positive and the trainers are really professional and friendly. My transformation has been more mental, when I arrived at Olympia I had dieted for years, had a terrible fear or carbs and was under-eating & over-exercising. Through the right education and support, carbs and healthy eating are now a key element of my day and I haven't dieted in years, I now just eat right. I love how the Olympia Program is based on healthy food an ... ’ *Read More

Miranda MorrowMiranda Morrow

Hi! I'm Miranda Morrow I'm 24 years old! I joined the pro team after meeting Cleo though a friend of a friend and a lot of FB stalking haha! The three top things I have enjoyed the most about being on the team is the team support, family mentality and keeping each other accountable for our goals!
Being a part of the team has majorly transformed me into a fitter more confident person, in and out of the gym and off stage too!
My highlight is absolutely actually stepping on stage, being disciplined in my training and prep and being in amazing shape! Watching my body change and cheering on my team mates!
Winning a first place in the Qld INBA titles recently was definitely a HUGE highlight for me but every time I placed I ... ’ *Read More

Vanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams

Hi all, my name is Vanessa Williams and I’m 49 years young.  I originally found out about Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary through a trainer & beautiful young lady (Phoebe) at my local gym.
I entered a competition that was on Facebook, it was to guess how many jelly beans were in a jar to win some free training session at Olympia.  I did not win but the young lady that was promoting Olympia messaged me to see if I would like to go in for a free session and a chat. So we made arrangements for me to meet her and have the training session.
I spent some time chatting to Em and we talked about my life, family, relationships & what I wanted to do concerning my fitness and goals. To be speaking to someone that is ... ’ *Read More

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